Enhanced Customer Service

After Hours Support (Crisis Management)

Introducing our groundbreaking 'Crisis GPT' for businesses, a robust tool designed to navigate through challenging times.

By integrating all of your SOPs and workflows, it focuses on potential and actual crisis points, providing your team with a step-by-step guide to manage and mitigate crises effectively.

Ensuring your business remains resilient and responsive in any situation.

AI Chatbot (over SMS, WhatsApp)

Experience seamless communication and enhanced customer engagement with our AI chatbot, available through SMS and WhatsApp.

This tool offers instant, intelligent responses to inquiries, providing a highly accessible and efficient way for your customers to interact with your brand anytime, anywhere.

AI Community Management

Elevate your online community engagement with our AI-powered Community Management tool, designed for platforms like Circle.

It not only monitors and responds to community interactions but also intelligently identifies when human intervention is beneficial.

Ensuring a seamless blend of automated efficiency and personal touch in managing your digital community.

AI Personalised Video Messages (Order Confirmations & Thank You Emails)

Equipped with full air conditioning, a private pool, 3 on-suite bedrooms, and a spacious open living room kitchen area, Sunshine Bay Residences is an excellent choice for anyone dreaming of their own safe haven.

AI Customer Review Management

Boost your brand's reputation effortlessly with our AI-driven review management system.

Our technology not only proactively solicits customer feedback to increase your reviews but also keeps a vigilant eye on platforms like Google Reviews, crafting thoughtful replies to each comment.

From glowing praises to addressing complaints, our system ensures your brand is perceived as responsive and customer-centric.